Plot takes centre stage in The Order: 1886


The stylish steampunk visuals of The Order: 1886, a video game published through Sony Entertainment have caused massive excitement within the gaming community. The game first surfaced at E3 2013 and presented a bleak but beautiful steampunk setting with Victorian era characters blasting up London with all manner of high powered weaponry.


While early previewers have felt that the title lacks innovation in terms of its gameplay, no-one as of yet has criticised the storyline. The plot is a complex and imaginative one – In the old, wild days of the world a number of beast-like features began to emerge in some human beings. The animality of these hybrids stoked fear in men and soon war broke out. Humanity did fare well however for the hybrids had all the strength and toughness of the sturdiest beasts.


After centuries of defeat, a king of England, Arthur, rallied his most trusted knights and founded a secret military order (The Knights of the Round Table) whose peerage extended only to the doughtiest and most stalwart of warriors. Their aim was to overcome the hybrids and win a better tomorrow for humanity. It was noble task, if grim for even these mighty men could not hold back the bestial hordes.


But all was not lost.
A strange substance – Blackwater – was discovered by the Order; this panacea granted those who imbibed it great strength, stamina and unnatural long life. Even this however did not grant dominance to mankind in the struggle.


If anything turned the tide it was war itself.


War is a harsh taskmaster, progressing science and research moreso than peace or trade. Thus the history of the world (with respect to our own time) accelerated… and it was the Industrial Revolution and the resultant shift from melee weapons to firearms that allowed man to begin to prosper. The beasts were driven back and men started retaking their world.


But then that world began to go mad. The population of men begins to swell and the Order is incapable of protecting these growing numbers. Human rebels join the bestial factions fighting to overcome the cities that were once there home. The masses of the poor begin to rise up in rebellion against the upper classes…


Welcome to the Order: 1886 – you play the valiant Sir Galahad, the name passed down from the eponoymous Arthurian knight and you mission is to protect mankind.


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The Order 1886