Pesky aliens attack in The Bureau: X-Com Declassified


The X-Com video game series revolves around a fictional organisation that is tasked with thwarting alien incursions on Earth. The latest iteration of the franchise, called The Bureau: X-Com Declassified, is set in 1962 and acts as a prequel to the games that have come before it.


The player steps into the shoes of an ex-CIA operative, William Carter. Carter is newly recruited to X-Com and in command of a group of special agents focused on neutralising the Extra Terrestrial threat. The action takes place in the third person and the player will have to effectively position and command his troops if he hopes to overcome the challenges placed before him.


X-Com Declassified was plagued by numerous development difficulties, but it has finally arrived. Reviewers have described it as plenty of fun, but not as visceral or mature as older games in the X-Com series.


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