People don’t kill people… swords kill people


There is no single implement in the history of mankind that has been made simply for killing, save for the sword. All other objects have as their origin an alternate use. Battleaxes stem from wood axes; war hammers from construction hammers; guns and bows were first used for hunting. But the sword, which is an extension of the dagger, is simply for slaughter.

The development of the sword most probably coincided with the discovery of bronze in the ancient world. Copper alone is too soft to maintain the integrity of a longer blade, as is flint, but bronze has the internal structure necessary to produce a viable elongated piece of metal. Further innovations in metal working improved the killing capability of the sword. For example, iron-smelting by the Hittites made sword-smithing cheaper, and the development of steel by the Assyrians improved the strength and sharpness of this weapon and gave the Assyrians a huge military advantage over their neighbours, allowing them to expand into an empire.

Throughout history, the sword has been recognized as the symbol of the warrior. No other weapon has had such symbolism and respect attached to it.

The invention of gun powder and other weapons of super-killing capabilities made swords obsolete… though not quite. Today, swords are used in the noble sport of fencing. Plus, many people enjoy collecting swords and other sharp weapons. Hung on the walls, they do make a nifty home décor statement!

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