Outdoor games for kids


Are you struggling to get the kids away from digital screens and out of the house, even on a beautiful, sunny day?

Here is a suggestion. Teach them how to play some all-time favourite outdoor games!

1. Apple bobbing2914612826_a3c98d4bab

Fill a large bucket with water and put apples in it. The apples will float to the top of the water; try put as many apples as you can into the tub to make it more of a challenge. Each player must get their hands tied behind their back. The aim is to grab the apple with only your teeth. Quite a challenge!

url2. Sack racing

Get a couple of old brown sacks. Create teams of two; one person from each team needs to jump into the sack and race to the finish line. The two teams compete to see who finishes first. This game allows children to learn how to work in groups and play with others in a healthy and competitive environment; it’s also tons of fun!


3. Egg and spoon race

This is a great game to play in teams as well, almost like a relay. Divide the children into groups of two and have a race. However, this isn’t any normal race… it’s an egg and spoon race! Each team member will get a chance to race while holding an egg on a spoon. If the egg falls and breaks, the team will lose points.

4. Treastreasure-hunt-2ure hunt

A treasure hunt is a great way to learn about your children’s interests. It is fun and interactive while also allowing children to be creative. You can have a treasure hunt anywhere, inside the house, outside in the backyard or wherever is most convenient. So how do you do it? First, pick a theme and plan your clues around them. Organise some treasure pieces for the kids to find along the way. Place the clues and hide the treasure while the kids are hiding and then let them loose to find their treasure!

5. Build a mud pie in the backyardmudpie3

Choose a spot in the garden that doesn’t have any grass and that you don’t mind having ruined with a large gaping hole. If you have some extra kitchen items such as pots and pans you don’t mind lending to the kids, give it to them to play with in their mud kitchen. They will have a blast! This is a great way for children to develop, connect with nature and be creative.

And the best part is… every now and then, the kids may allow you to join in. This is a great honour, so even if you feel a tad out of sorts, remember to be game.