Of ants and crickets


… and things old and new, as seen in bidorbuy Household selection

You and I have presumably learned a thing or two from those tales with a moral we heard as children. Thus, the tale about the ant and the cricket has taught us to prepare for winter even while sweltering in the summer heat. In that name, take a look at this gorgeous glazed pottery fireplace.

What, you choose not to heed the moral of Aesop’s famous fable, since – strictly speaking – it applies to crickets?! In that case, sing the summer days away with the gentle buzzing of this lovely fan in the background.

By now you will have acquired a taste for all things old and beautiful. Therefore, you are ready to bid for this lot, named antique home goods. It consists of things like two antique light switches, one antique door bell and several antique light holders and spark plugs. According to the seller, all the items are in great condition and collectors will love them for Christmas (you may even ask to get them gift-wrapped).

If your inclinations lean more towards thing new, plus sweet, here is an item tailor-made for you: a brand new chocolate fountain (alas, it looks like the chocolate is extra).

And what do you do in between dipping the biscuits in the chocolate fountain? You play glass chess, of course, all the while smugly observing your chocolate-smeared face in the glass mirror board.