Make most of the season


It is fun and exciting to sell online during the holidays.  And despite the tough economic climate, Christmas will come this year

Yesterday, a show of hands in my gym class revealed that only two out of about twenty sweaty bodies plan to go on a holiday in December.

Airline companies say that the domestic flights are fuller than ever, because all those who used to go on holidays overseas are now opting for South African destinations instead.

What does that mean for online sellers? Will the economic woes that are making us re-think our holiday expenses translate into less deals on bidorbuy?
Not necessarily.

Doubtlessly, many people will be cutting their spending on travel and on luxury goods. However, Christmas will still come this year, and everybody will still want to give nice presents to their loved ones. And as you already know, one of the most affordable shopping venues is Therefore, the present financial crunch can actually work in favour of bidorbuy sellers, bringing more buyers to the site in search of a bargain.

That is not to say that you as a seller can cross your arms and wait for the sales to materialize. Some action is required to turn the potential upswing in online sales into reality. Here are several suggestions:

  • Make the duration of your listings short and sweet. People are more likely to buy things that end soon. First, there is the psychological urge to buy the item that may disappear off the screen in a couple of hours. And second, the items that are ending soon appear closer to the top in search. Therefore, list for short periods – even if you have to re-list the same item (remember, you do not pay a listing fee on bidorbuy).
  • Entice the potential customers with the free shipping offer, even if you have never done it before. This will attract more buyers.
  • Do as the retail brick-and-mortar shops do: decorate your Christmas listings with a Santa or a holy. There is nothing that says to the visitor: buy, buy, buy as a bit of Christmas spirit! (However, keep in mind that less is usually better in this respect; also remember that many of the decorations seen on the Internet are copyrighted.)
  • Use the real estate on your listing to advertise your other Christmas gifts.
  • Delight your customers with something unexpected this Christmas. A thank you note and an inexpensive trinket thrown into the parcel or an offer to gift-wrap the item purchased may make your first-time customer a repeat buyer for the rest of the year!