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Written by: dominiquesonline

Decorating your nursery can be an exciting, yet somewhat daunting experience. You sit in that empty room and dream of the tiny bundle of joy that will soon be coming to enrich your life. You want that room to be perfect – the dream nursery; the one you saw in the magazine.

One of the most important factors in creating any beautiful room, and especially a nursery, is colour. Colour can create an atmosphere, disguise flaws and enhance features. There are so many options available that it can be quite daunting, so here we have endeavoured to pinpoint a few basics.

For the girls

The number one option that comes to mind is pink, and let’s face it, what woman can resit going for this pretty, feminine colour! However, you can create many different looks with pink, so consider your options:

1: Bright pink and lime: this makes for a striking and stunning colour scheme. Pair it with white furniture and it’s a winner!

2: Pastel pink and purple: This soft look is perfect for a nursery. You can pair it with white and even a touch of soft green, but be careful not to go exclusively for pastels or you run the risk of creating a washed-out look. Create the perfect balance with dark wood (or brown painted/stained) furniture.

3: Pink and pink: This may sound dull, but when you pair many shades of pink together the look can be amazing! To keep the room still looking accessible to dad, paint the walls white, beige or even soft shade of grey. A neutral colour on the walls will bring out the pink on the linen and other accessories.

For the boys

A boy’s nursery is always so exciting to contemplate – there are so many stunning options. Here we examine a few of them:

1: Bold and bright: Paint your walls white and then have fun! A bright blue curtain with yellow stars and some colourful tiebacks, a bright red, blue and yellow mat, a lime green mobile… you can’t go wrong! Keep the furniture plain to bring out the bright colours and avoid clashing.

2: Navy, red and white: These nautical colours are sophisticated and striking and always look great in a boy’s room. Had a touch of yellow here and there to bright things up and it’s guaranteed to look fab!

3: Baby blue and beige: who says pastels are for girls?! Baby blue and beige are a soft and lovely option for a baby boy’s nursery. Pair them with dark brown furniture to bring the pastels out, and you’ve got a winner!


Not sure yet if it’s a boy or a girl… or perhaps it’s both?! Don’t panic, there are many great neutral options available:

1: Shades of brown and ivory: you will have seen it often paired with teddy bear themed nurseries and it’s a fail-safe method for a neutral nursery! Later you can add pink or blue (or almost any other colour!) and it still works. Simple and sophisticated.

2: Green: Green is a great neutral colour and it’s available in so many shades to create a variety of looks: combine moss green and lilac, green and grey, or emerald and pastel green. Go wild and experiment!

3: Lime & Orange: This daring combo will create a “stop and look at me” nursery! Imagine lime green frogs with orange dragonflies, or a lime green octopus with orange fish… Stunning! Once again, pair with dark brown or white furniture for the best effect.

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