No-fuss hairstyles for the office
work hairstyle


It’s “back to school” or” back to work” time for most of us. We have to get back into the swing of things. The December grunge or happy-go-lucky look now has to be abandoned for a more professional, neat and tidy look. Unless you are self-employed or work for a VERY understanding employer, you have to adhere to certain standards for your appearance in the workplace.


It doesn’t help wearing a crisp white shirt with the finest pencil skirt or killer heels if your hair is going to be a dishevelled mess. Looking professional starts from the top down, or the other way around. Either way …the point is, you have to look presentable from head to toe.



Hair is a mission for the ladies, in terms of maintenance. The following styles are quick and easy to maintain, so that you look professional, neat and tidy without having to wake up at the break of dawn every morning to get it right. These are easy-to-maintain hairdos that will have you looking presentable at the same time.



1. Sleek pinned pixie

Having short hair doesn’t give you much to work with, but accessories can go a long way. Smooth down your hair and top it up with a trendy hair clip or pin to add some glam. Use a reliable hair smoothing product to keep hair smooth, frizz-free and shiny all day. A hair straightening iron could work as well.



hair accessories






































2. Sleek ponytail

This is a very versatile hairstyle that doesn’t require much work. It is very simple and elegant, and will not raise any eye-brows. Just pull your hair up together and tie it neatly. The ponytail also has the effect of making one look younger.
































3. Side braid

This is not the easiest to achieve, but looks really great when pulled off correctly. This turns the simple ponytail into something more creative and fun, without going too far. This has a fun and playful flair to it, but still has you looking very presentable in the office. This hairstyle works very well with curly to wavy hair as this provides texture.



side braid






































4. Classic bun

The bun is a classic hairstyle for a prim, professional look. Popular among ballet dancers, it has also permeated into the workplace. This hairstyle is good as it exposes the frame of your face, since the hair is pulled back. You don’t necessarily have to pull back all the hair; you can leave some at the front like the model below and opt for a side swept fringe to vary the look. This will stay in place all day, while you hustle and bustle about the office.


hair bun





























5. Braid extensions

Those with ethnic hair will understand that braids can be a life saver. The thick curly texture of ethnic hair can be a lot to work with every day. So, to cut time of getting ready, braids are an easier option and protect your own hair. The only snag is you have to sit at the salon for a couple of hours to get them installed. After that though, you’re home free. Make sure to maintain your braids and the quality of your own hair, by keep your scalp conditioned.


hair braids




































Whichever way you go, just remember to go with what’s comfortable for you. The more comfortable you are with your hair, the more confidence you will exude.