iPhone No. 5 is born


iPhone 5, the newest offer from Apple, that rock-star among companies, was introduced yesterday with a succession of superlatives as:

  • the thinnest,
  • the lightest,
  • the most beautiful, and
  • the biggest thing to happen to iPhone since iPhone.

The new iPhone has a new A6 processor and a bigger, four-inch display. It also has new operating system, iOS 6, a smarter Siri, and comes equipped with EarPods (Apple’s name for iPhone 5’s headphones) that promise a superior sound quality.

However, some reviewers found the newborn boring. They say that No. 5 looks, feels and tastes just like No. 4S, and No. 4, and all the other iPhones that came before it. (Plus, like the host of iPhone copy-cats.)

Be it boring or practically perfect, no one expects that iPhone 5 will slow down the advent of Android smartphones, notably the Samsung Galaxy family, now confidently nibbling into the iPhone market share. (The long-term consequences of the patent etc. infringement lawsuit that Apple recently won in the USA against Samsung cannot be predicted, especially since those legal wrangles tend to drag on and on.)

In any case, Apple’s newest offering is likely to get a warm reception form i-fans, probably the most enthusiastic and loyal customer base ever. So, once again, expect to see queues when the newest Apple offering hits the shops on 21 September in the USA, Singapore, Australia, Canada, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Japan and the UK, as well as on 28 September, when it goes on sale in 22 other countries.

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