Marvellous mosaic


The versatile mosaic can transfer a humble object into a thing of beauty.

Mosaic may not be the most popular hobby out there, but that’s because it’s not for the faint hearted. This craft (or art) form is more difficult to master than many other leisure time activities.

However, if you take the pains to perfect it, your will be rewarded with such a wonderful outlet to your creativity that you’ll find yourself transforming plain or plain ugly objects around you into the things of beauty.

This bidorbuy article explains the basics of mosaic making. After you’ve read it, explore the internet for ideas for creating mosaic tabletops, picture frames, boxes, bird houses…

Now that you’ve acquired an appetite for mosaics, stroll over to the bidorbuy Crafts category to get all the supplies you need, at prices that are as a rule lower than elsewhere. Be sure to drop by the Glass & Mosaic Tiles section, which houses the mosaic tiles, as well as the Mosaic Making section for Grout & Glue, Moulds & Surfaces, Tools and Kits. A stop by the section named Other Mosaic Making is a must for any serious mosaic-maker, because that is where many items end up, for example blanks (mosaic-talk for a hard surface, usually wood, often in the shape of an animal, like a rooster, sea horse, caterpillar, etc.)  or inserts (mosaic-talk for fancy ready-made decorations to add to your mosaic layout).

If you spend enough time shopping there, and then some more making mosaics, you may end up with more masterpieces than you know what to do with.

Here’s a suggestion: sell them on bidorbuy, in the Finished Crafts category.

New to selling on bidorbuy? Not to worry, it’s easy – easier than making mosaics.

First things first. We strongly recommend that you familiarise yourself with the art of selling bidorbuy-style (we know, we did say it’s easy, but that does not mean there’s no learning curve).

All you need to do is take good pictures of your handiwork with a digital camera, from different angles, plus a close-up or two.

Then write a description, telling your visitors what the object is and how big it is. Do be sure to mention that the colours may differ in real life. Even if the colours on the image look exactly the same as the original to you, remember that the visitors may view your bidorbuy listing on a monitor that displays colours a little differently.

In time, you may end up earning a neat little extra income from your hobby. You’ll also be doing a good deed, supplying finished pieces to all those people who love mosaics, but have no aptitude for making them.

Images credits: all images are from Pile of Photos, except for the mosaic decorating Mayakovskaya Station, which is from Moscow Metro.