Making your own baby food
Summer Holiday Reads 2016


0911_messybaby_regBeing a parent can be one of the most wonderful and exciting times of a person’s life. The responsibilities of being a parent can also weigh down quite heavily on one’s shoulders. One of the first things that come to mind when thinking of child care is probably the health of your child. The best way to ensure the health of your child is to make sure that they are getting the best nutrients with as few preservatives as possible, the more organic the better.


Parents are starting to avoid the store bought baby food and starting to make their own. For most parents it is about knowing exactly what their children are eating and what nutrients they are receiving.
Making your own baby food may seem like a difficult, time consuming and expensive task. However, it is easy to at home and is not as difficult or expensive as what you might think. There are a number of suitable recipe books out there, and to get the ingredients also super simple.


Baby food ingredients would be the same ingredients that you would use to create a healthy, well-balanced meal. These include a host of fruits and vegetables that you can get from your local shop. Some people may decide to go to start their very own veggie patch, making the vegetables and fruits even more organic.


1243161_111124004317_BBULLETMaking and storing your baby food may seem like adaunting task. However, products like the BabyBullet, NutriBullet , blender and a good old food processor make this task a whole lot more manageable.


When it comes to making baby food, it is best to make it in bulk because it can be quite a time consuming process. Once the baby food has been made, place it in a freezer friendly food storage system and then in the freezer. That way, you will make sure that your baby has fresh, healthy, organic homemade food waiting to be heated at any given moment. The best part about it is that the baby food can be frozen for up to three months.


Here are some simple recipes to make homemade baby food:


Butternut Squash Purée:
1/4 cup baked butternut squash
3 tbsps. breast milk or formula
Blend together in the BabyBullet or NutriBullet






Sweet Potato and Lentil Purée:
1/2 baked sweet potato (skin removed)
4-5 tbsp. breast milk or formula
2 tbsp. lentils
Sweet potatoes absorb liquid; therefore you may want to add more liquid depending on whether or not depending on how much liquid the sweet potato absorbs.
Soak the lentils overnight in water (Once they are ready drain the leftover water and add to the blender)
Blend together and add more liquid of necessary until smooth



Carrot and White Bean Purée:
1/4 cup steamed carrots
1/4 cup white beans
5 tbsp. breast milk or formula
If you are using dry white beans make sure that you hydrate them by placing them in a cup of water overnight
Add to a blender and pulse until smooth



Avocado and White Fish:
1/2 filet of sole (or other mild white fish)
1/2 avocado
3-4 tbsp. breast milk or formula
Be sure fillet is completely deboned
Add all the ingredients the blander and mix until smooth.



You can always make these recipes in bulk, and place them in the freezer. They will stay fresh for up to three months and can easily be defrosted in the microwave.



Make sure that your baby gets the best and healthiest start to life by making your own baby food.