Makeup trends 2019


The beauty industry is and will always be booming. If you are interested in makeup and beauty products, you will probably find this blog post interesting. We explore the latest makeup trends for this year. Some trends are daring and others may be techniques you are already using.

Glowing skin is the perfect canvas

Great makeup starts with the perfect canvas. Flawless skin is something we all strive for. To achieve this, ensure that you maintain an effective daily skin routine: use the correct face wash for your particular skin type, make sure you wash your face twice a day, and don’t go to bed with makeup. Use a night and day cream and keep in mind that consistency is key. Also, remember to protect your precious skin from the sun, so make sure that either your face cream or your concealer has some SFP in it.

Shine bright with metallics

Glitter and metallics are a huge trend this year. Whether you choose to use a metallic lipstick, silver and bronze eyeshadow or glitter eyeliner, metallics have made a huge impact in the makeup industry. If you are looking for something that can add a little sparkle or drama to your makeup routine, consider implementing some metallics.

Colour-blocking is all the buzz

Who knew, colour-blocking could also apply to makeup. Let me explain exactly what this means. Have you seen bright and bold eyeshadow designs? I am talking about bright colours like orange, yellow and green. Colour-blocking applies to the colour but also the shape. Get creative with unique shapes and details, use glitter, unique lines and go to town.

All pink, everything

If you are wondering about the popular colours of the year, the answer is pink. It seems to be everywhere, not only in clothing, nail colour and hair accessories, but also in makeup. Don’t think pink is only applicable to lipstick; pink eyeshadow and blush are also all the rage. Makeup tycoon Kylie Jenner recently released a Valentine’s collection, with pink hues dominating.


Blotted lips

Apparently it isn’t trendy to have your lipstick perfectly lined and immaculate. The trend for this year is described as blotted. This means you want to aim to create a blurred edge rather than a perfect line around the border of your lips. Think less perfect and more natural. When it comes to matt lips versus glossy, the jury is still out. Some prefer one more than the other, so it comes down to personal preference.

Wings are the in thing

Winged eyeliner is a classic and will probably never go out of fashion. The higher or longer the wing, the more dramatic the look. So if you want to make it a more casual look, create a small flick rather than a wing and avoid using eyeliner in your lower lid. If drama is what you are looking for, then the longer your wing, the better! Add some colour if you want. Another trend you can find on the catwalk this year has been dubbed the negative-space wing. It is very dramatic but give it a try if you daring!

There you have it, all the makeup trends and ideas you need for the year ahead.