Make the most of every moment


Check your calendar and sell more

Okay, so you’re a bidorbuy seller – but you’re also a customer. You know from your own bank statements that there are certain occasions when you spend more than usual. You’re not alone – most people see spikes in their shopping activity and spend at key moments in the year.

These are what we like to call ‘retail events’ – and they’re golden opportunities for your online store on bidorbuy to sell even more than usual. Any list of retail events would include Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day and Christmas, for example.

There are also less well-defined events like Back to School, seasonal selling opportunities (basically, any time the weather changes for better or worse!)

At bidorbuy, we’re committed to promoting retail events and we run large-scale marketing campaigns to highlight product during these periods.

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Sell the things people want

This might seem an obvious point, but you’ll notice that certain retail events are associated with certain types of product: jewellery and perfume for Valentine’s Day, toys at Christmas, and chocolates around Easter.

How can you benefit as a bidorbuy seller?

You’ll have seen that we often have major promotions in the run-up to these retail events, to get people in a celebratory mood and make them enthusiastic about buying more gifts and treats. If you can align your products with our promotions, you won’t only be selling what people are looking for, you’ll also benefit from all the promotional and advertising work we do for each retail event. In other words, it’s like we’re advertising your products – and it won’t cost you a cent!

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How does bidorbuy promote retail events?

For the big retail events, we really make some noise – and because we’ve been doing this for more than 20 years, we’ve had plenty of time to figure out what works. These are just some of the things we do to help you sell more when it comes to the most important shopping days of the year:

·   Email campaigns

·   Gift guides and catalogues (like our popular Valentine’s and Spring Catalogues)

·   Social media that links back to bidorbuy listings

·   Google ads directing to promotional pages

·   Banner ads that drive traffic to

·   Internet videos

·   Push notifications

·   Innovative new ways to reach buyers at the moment they’re searching for products

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Help us to help you

All our regular sales tips can help, like having great product images and brilliant descriptions. That way, our team is more likely to notice your products and put them in our promotions. Here are some more great ideas to help you turn retail events into business bonanzas for your online store:

·   Match your products to the moment 

·   Use #hashtags that are going viral – if you sign up to our monthly sellers’ mailer , you’ll always know which ones are trending 

·   Get your products featured in our seasonal catalogues – ask us how

·   Get a calendar and plan ahead so you’ll have the right items in stock when demand peaks 

·   Offer discounts or special deals on the most popular items and watch your sales soar

We’re committed to promoting all the big retail events – all you need to do is bring the right products!