Made to order


Recently, a bidorbuy fan on Facebook asked this question:

“I am a potter and I want to know if I can list on bidorbuy items that I only make on order?”

As a rule, bidorbuy sellers need to have items in their possession before listing them on the site. However, we do allow a few exceptions, and one of them covers the scenario the bidorbuy fan had in mind, because we understand that for an artist or a craftsman it may make more sense to create an object only after receiving an order.

This is how it could work:

  • Make samples of the work you would like to sell through bidorbuy.
  • Take several images of each sample from various angles.
  • Decide for how much you want to sell each of them. (Or place them on auction and see how much the buyers are willing to offer.)
  • List all the samples separately on bidorbuy and make it clear in the description that the customer is buying the item on order and to expect the delivery in three weeks, or four weeks, or however long it takes you to complete the item. (We suggest being conservative here and allowing yourself plenty of time.)
  • Make it clear to the customers that you will start working on their orders only after you receive payment.

You may also invite prospective customers to tell you what they want through the Ask the seller about this item functionality. In that case, you can proceed to create a separate “made to order” listing and, in your reply, invite the person who asked the question to visit the new listing and complete the order.