Librarian’s Choice: Mister Men and Little Miss


We celebrate Roger Hargreaves’ world of Little Misses and Mister Mens this month in tribute to the author’s birthday on the 9th of May. If you remember arguing with Little Miss Contrary or getting into trouble with Little Miss Naughty than you know what I’m on about.

The story of the books’ conception goes something like this: Roger Hargreaves’ son, Adam, asked his dad what a tickle looked like and Mr Hargreaves, of course, obliged by drawing his son a picture of what would become the first Mr Men character; Mr Tickle. A wiggly, orange creature with a blue hat and extraordinarily long arms to tickle with.

Each Mister Men and Little Miss parable teaches a lesson about behavior and morality through the character. Mr Messy becomes clean thanks to a visit from Mr Neat and Mr Tidy. Mr Strong saves the day when he extinguishes the fire in the farmer’s cornfield by using his amazing power to pick up the entire barn and filling it with water. And little Miss Sunshine teaches the king of Miseryland how to laugh.

Meet everyone from Little Miss Giggles to Mr Small from this classic children’s collection.

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