Lesser-known traits of a good bidorbuy seller


You know which ingredients go into making a good bidorbuy seller: desirable items; attractive prices; professional presentation; effective marketing; prompt delivery; and so on.  And, of course, above everything else: an excellent reputation.

Simple, isn’t it? But not always easy to live up to…

Sometimes, holding up a negative precedent can point you in the right direction. In that name, here are several real-life examples of what not to do in order to be a good seller on bidorbuy.

  • You do not try to recover from your mistakes by listing your own bad purchase for sale – with the very same vague description that misled you. The correct procedure is to point an accusing finger at the original offender through proper channels. And even if you end up out of pocket, you would not want to recuperate your losses by treating your customer like that rogue seller treated you, would you?
  • You do not try to use the “if so-and-so can do it, why not me?” excuse when caught red-handed. The correct procedure is to acquaint yourself with the bidorbuy rules, to ask whenever in doubt – and to report any unsound listings you spot to the community watch. You would not want to follow a bad example, would you?
  • You do not try to shift the blame onto the customer who complained to or about you. Rather use your energy to sort out the contentious issue. Often, all the customer is after is a sympathetic ear.
  • You do not try to out-right your customers. We all know that the customer is not always right. However, your objective is not to prove a point; your objective is to provide the best service you reasonably can to your customers, be they in the right or in the wrong. After all, what would you rather be: a seller who is always in the right – or a seller who has a host of satisfied customers?

In these difficult economic times it may not be viable for you to downgrade your prices. Instead, try upgrading your service – and watch the difference. People tend to spend less during a recession and to be more selective about where they spend their money. Now more than ever, bidorbuy sellers need to treat their customers like gold. They are more important than any product you sell.