Glimpse of the things to come


Set camp in front of your neighbourhood bookstore. Keep your eyes glued to For the book is coming out soon!

The book in question is the impatiently awaited Your Guide to Buying and Selling on What, you haven’t heard of it?! Not to worry. When you do, you too will be impatient to hold it in your hands. Or to see it on your screen, as the case may be.

The bidorbuy guide will be sold in the traditional book format and in the e-book format. Let the back-cover blurb tell you what the book is all about:

“With actual screen-shots from the bidorbuy site, this easy-to-follow guide teaches you how to buy and sell online with ease, skill and confidence – all within a secure and dynamic internet environment. Whether you are new to online shipping or are an experienced internet trader, this book is a must.”

But, is Your Guide to Buying and Selling on really for you?

In short, the answer is:

  • Yes – if you want to get rid of your clutter and make a profit in the process.
  • Yes – if you are looking for an alternative source of income.
  • Yes – if you are in search of great bargains.
  • Yes – if you are in search of rare collectibles.
  • Yes – if worries about internet safety and security are preventing you from trading online.

Your Guide
to Buying and Selling
is published by Zebra Press,
an imprint of Random House Struik.