Less ordinary camping gear
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In most cases, perhaps as many as 99%, conventional camping equipment will suffice. Still, thanks to that 1%, you might have bitterly regretted not having taken this or that item on your camping trip. And even if you had never known such regrets… our list of less ordinary, but ever-so-cool gear might give you an idea or two!


Solar shower

Camping sites do have communal showers, but some privacy is sometimes worth its weight in gold (figuratively speaking). Besides, what if you have to spend a day or two in the middle of nowhere? Portable camping shower to the rescue! Just remember to fill it up with water before you get lost (by design or by accident).


Solar fan (with light)

solar fan

Use the power of the sun to its maximum. It is free and abundant. And it’s only fair that the very same sun rays that made you hot in the first place provide power for the device that will cool your sweaty brow. Look for a multifunctional solar fan that has LED lights too. After all, just because you are far from civilization does not mean it’s all right to forget decorum and start carrying a flashlight between your teeth!


Sealing tape

Bring it along because you never know. Your sleeping bag may start spewing out its insides. A tent pole may snap. You may start developing a blister. In each of these cases (and many more), apply a sealing adhesive tape!


Moon chair

Because you can! After all, you are car-camping and not carrying all of your possessions on your back, right?


Dry bag

This item can save your camping life. In the midst of a downpour, it will keep everything inside it dry: your favourite pyjamas, the books you brought along to read in peace, your documents…


Emergency blanket

emergency blanket

It is small, lightweight, and very useful. For example, if the ground is damp, you can lay the emergency blanket on the floor of your tent to keep your sleeping bag dry and cosy. Of course, this type of blanket can also save a life.


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