The laundry label guide, part 1


Getting stuck with all those confusing hieroglyphics on your clothing labels has come to an end. Impress your mum! Get your clothes to last longer! Show off to all your friends!

Now, you too can feel secure in the knowledge that your clothes are safe and sound in their tumble dryer.

First, let’s get sorting! Darks, lights and colourful brights go in three separate heaps. Now check the labels? What do they say about washing the garment?

Washing Symbols

The number of dots determines the temperature. Some labels will show the number rather than dots to indicate the correct temperature to use. The more dots, the hotter the initial water temperature must be.

 Machine Wash Cold (30 degrees)

 Machine Wash Warm (40 degrees)

 Machine Wash Hot (50 degrees)

A line under the symbol indicates that permanent press should be used. This is a setting on your washing machine that agitates the clothing less.

Machine Wash Permanent Press

The hand wash symbol means the garment cannot go in the washing machine but has to be washed by hand.

Hand Wash

Bleaching Symbols


Bleach without Chlorine

No Bleach

If you bleach an item that is not meant to be bleached, the bleach will affect the fibres of the garment and cause it to fall apart.

Drying Symbols

Tumble Dry, Normal, No Heat

Tumble Dry, Normal, Cool

Tumble Dry, Normal, Medium Heat

Tumble Dry, Normal, High Heat

A line under the symbol indicates Permanent Press. A double line indicates that the Gentle Cycle setting must be selected. You may find the ‘no heat’, ‘cool’, ‘medium heat’ and ‘high heat’ symbols include these lines.

Tumble Dry, Permanent Press

Tumble Dry, Gentle Cycle