Kratos returns


In March, everyone’s favourite psychopathic Greek incarnation of mayhem returns with the release of Sony Entertainment’s God of War: Ascension, the latest title in the ever popular God of War video game series.

Since the first God of War was released to critical acclaim in 2005, the series has moved from strength to strength. To date, it totals seven gaming titles released in a multitude of platforms, and also boasts a feature film which is currently in production.

Gameplay consists of continued frenetic melee combat against a variety of foes inspired by Greek Myth, as well as a few quieter scenes requiring the player to solve puzzles. Boss fights require the player to react perfectly to the cued button combinations displayed to be victorious.

This latest game is a prequel to the series as a whole and sees the series protagonist Kratos breaking off his ties with Ares by tracking down and killing the three furies.

Fans are chomping at the bit for the new title and you buy God of War: Ascension on bidorbuy.

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