Join us if you dare for a Halloween scare!


Halloween is just around the corner, so it’s time to get your outfit sorted and fill your cupboards with Halloween tricks and treats. Even if Halloween is not your thing, it’s probably a big deal to your kids (if you’re a parent). We’re here to help you go all-out this year with some of the coolest Halloween decorations, costumes, masks and more! 

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Scary fancy dress anyone?

The big question is the same every year: what to wear? Should you go full zombie with makeup and an extravagant outfit, or are a few ‘tasteful’ accessories enough for your 2021 Halloween look? On bidorbuy, you can do both. We have some incredible Halloween costumes for you to choose from but if you’re scared of frightening people, you can opt for masks, face paint and accessories instead. 

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Costume hacks for kids 

If you need the perfect outfit for your child, here are some easy hacks you will love! Use ribbons from gifts or old shoe laces to spruce up an old t-shirt, or  add extra layers of ribbon to up the Halloween ante. Cardboard and empty boxes can be used to create the coolest Transformers robot or something as simple as a Lego brick. Old sheets are also a big help when all other options fail – simply make a hole in the centre and you’ll instantly have a friendly ghost on your hands. 

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Halloween décor is next on the list

Once your outfit is sorted, the rest will all fall into place so let’s get going with some spooky Halloween decorations. The list of options is endless: you can shop banners, balloons and spider webs for an overall spooky vibe, then zone in on smaller details like pumpkins, Halloween props and more! 

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Trick or treat?

Let’s not forget the best part of Halloween, the treats! Stock up on all the best candy because you never know who might be knocking at your door. Vampire teeth and eyeball sweets are a must to start your Halloween shopping list.

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If you don’t have plans for Halloween this year, then a scary movie and some popcorn are the way to go. Happy Halloween!