Introducing Bob Shop
Bob Shop Brand


A new brand for a new era 

We’re thrilled to share with you the exciting news that we’re rebranding from bidorbuy to Bob Shop. Both our name and our new logo has been made possible by the merger between bidorbuy and fulfillment specialists uAfrica (soon to be Bob Go) to create Bob Group, and Bob Shop is just one of the many services that will be on offer for online entrepreneurs. 

Our brand-new logo includes a b (for Bob Shop) as part of a hand symbol. The hand represents the welcome we’re extending to anyone and everyone who wants to use our ecommerce services, and the support we’re offering to all South African merchants and online shoppers. The fingers also represent a click and talk to just how much you can now do with just one simple, positive action. 

Who we are 

You’ll notice that Bob Group is more than just Bob Shop. In fact, we’re aiming to offer ‘everything ecommerce’ to everyone. That is, we’ll be providing all the services that South Africans need to succeed as online merchants, or to have an even better experience when they shop with us. We’re creating an exclusive, diverse buying and selling space where everyone is welcome. 

This successful merger has also made it possible for us to invest more in improving our technology and logistics offerings, and to ensure that we always offer a convenient, enjoyable and seamless online shopping and fulfillment experience. 

Making it even better 

Whether you’re buying or selling, you’ll find a Bob Group service to help you. You can choose just one service, or combine them to create a complete solution. Each service has the word ‘Bob’ in its name, so it’s easy to see how they all fit together. 

Wherever you see ‘Bob’, you can be certain that you’ll receive the same high standards of customer service, reliability and innovation. 

Standing out by being outstanding 

A lot has changed since bidorbuy started out back in 1999. There are many more ecommerce companies around these days, and we wanted to make sure we were still instantly recognisable. 

Our goal is to have a brand that better reflects who we are – and where we’re heading. We very much hope you’ll join us on this exciting journey as we work hard to strengthen our relationships with sellers and buyers all across South Africa. 

While we might have changed our logo and our name, you can be certain that some things remain the same: our passion for service and innovation and our commitment to helping everyone get the most out of their online buying and selling.