Infinity and beyond: the new wonder dress


I have found the most amazing dress.

It’s called: The Infinity Wrap Dress, and that’s why it’s amazing. Firstly, it’s a wrap dress which, as you know, we love (see why here). Secondly, it’s infinite, which means you can wear it a million-bizillion ways; like having a wardrobe of tons of pretty dresses that take up the space of one hanger.

Just look at some of the styles you can get out of one dress:


And they come in all these pretty colours!

I chatted to the lovely Julia from Fascinating Julia about the Infinity Wrap Dress to see if it lives up to it’s name.

1. What exactly is the Infinity Wrap Dress?

The Infinity (or convertible) Wrap dress from Fascinating Julia is just that. A dress that can be wrapped in any way you can think up!

2. Can every women wear this dress or is it better suited to certain body types?

This dress really does flatter women of all shapes and sizes – it is just so versatile, convertible and one size fits all (2-16)

3.     Just how many different styles can you get out of the dress?

From what I’ve tried the dress can be tied up to 30 different ways, but I’m sure there are styles I’ve not yet discovered!

4.     What kind of material is it made from?

The dress comes in Slinky (the more formal version) but I do occasionally make them in viscose lycra in the summer season –  It means the dress can be worn in the day too.

5.     You say it makes a perfect brides maids dress. Why is that?

Well, to be honest – in the last couple of years a lot of my friends have gotten married, and having attended a lot of weddings, it’s easy to notice that not all bridesmaids are created equal – but one thing I have noticed is that no matter shape or size – this dress really does make every woman look beautiful. It can be tied to hide your flaws and accentuate your best features.

Of course, the bridesmaids can all look like they’re part of a retinue, but have the dresses tied to differently so they don’t all look identical.

And most importantly – it’s a dress that can be used after the wedding, something that can’t be said for most bridesmaids dresses!

6.     I’m starting to see why it’s called the ‘Miracle’ dress and the ‘Magic’ dress, but why the ‘Revenge’ dress?

I feel like I’m starting to repeat myself, but this dress worn correctly can make any woman look fabulous. Nothing like a new dress to make you look beautiful and damn sexy as the ultimate revenge to an ex!

7.     What’s your favourite way to wear the dress and why?

I love wearing the one-shoulder Grecian style for events, but a I wear the dress (5 different colours in my wardrobe!) on all the hot summer days, I tend to wear the more casual cross over style with the front looking classic and not too revelealing when I’m doing my shopping!

8.     What colours are available?

At the moment I have purple, navy, royal blue, green, sage, red, gold, silver (very light grey) and black dresses available immediately – but specific colour can be ordered for weddings and events.

9.     How easy is it to fold the dress and turn it into what you want it to look like? Does it require instructions?

Ease of tying and styling really does depend on the individual. I found it pretty simple from the first time, of course, but one of my clients has her boyfriend style her before going out!

But seriously, it really just takes a bit of practice – and there are a number of online vidoes with instructions on how to tie the dress.

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