Illumination for the nation


Ring light, camera, action!

If you’ve been spending a lot of time on Instagram or YouTube during lockdown (and who hasn’t?), you’ve probably noticed that all your favourite influencers always look awesome, no matter what. Well, now we can reveal the secret to taking professional-looking selfies and product pictures.  

No, it’s not about spending thousands on camera gear. You can get the same effects with your cellphone – all you need is a ring light.

What’s a ring light? Well, it’s a light in the shape of a ring, obvs! You might have seen one the last time you were at the dentist (if you didn’t have your eyes closed in terror). The good news is that ring lights aren’t just for fillings – they can also help you look your best online on social media. Plus, if you’re selling items online, a ring light is the easy way to create images that shoppers will love.

I can see clearly now…

Because of their shape, ring lights give uniform light from the camera’s perspective. Hello awesome colour and detail, goodbye weird shadows that hide your best features or the details of your products.

The even lighting distribution lets you focus on what’s really important and creates a “halo” effect and make you (or your products) look amazing. Top bidorbuy sellers will tell you that great images help achieve more sales. 

Traditional ring lights can be quite large – they work best on tripods so you can adjust their height as required. The idea is that you place your camera or cellphone in the centre of the ring, so that everything you snap or film is perfectly illuminated.

They also often use fluorescent tubes which get hot over time – and no-one wants to be sweating on camera. Fluorescent tubes can also hum or flicker, which is not what you want.  

Professional looks every time

Luckily, there’s a way to enjoy all the advantages of a ring light without having to change bulbs or set-up tripods. You probably already have a selfie-stick – now meet the selfie ring light.

This tiny but powerful gadget clips over the camera of your cellphone, laptop or tablet – creating the same professional effect for a fraction of the price.

The selfie ring light uses LED lights which last forever, and don’t get hot. That makes it ideal for applying make-up – including those all-important touch-ups during a night out (or a night in, if you’re reading this during lockdown).

Choose from three light levels depending on the setting – you can even use your selfie ring light as a back-up light in a power outage. It uses a USB-C cable to draw power from your phone, but the LED lights are really efficient so it won’t drain your battery.

Now both sides are your best side

As you can tell from the name, what the selfie ring really does best is let you take better selfies. Pamper yourself with a some #lockdownselfcare, then take the perfect picture for social media (or maybe just your crush). Either way, you’ll light up the internet when you’re illuminated by your selfie ring light!