Ideal cars for first time buyers



When you are in the market for a first car you have to consider a few things like cost, reliability and safety.


It is easy to get so excited and carried away that you forget these basics. You could even forget your living expenses. That is why it is always best to do more research on suitable cars that are within your budget. Of course, that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t look at style as well, but always remember to buy within your means. If you can afford a big expensive car as your first, then by all means go ahead; if you can’t, don’t worry. There is lots of affordable and stylish options available.


Here are a few options:


Hyundai i20


Not only is the Hyundai i20 convenient, it is also stylish and tech-savvy. The i20 is designed to deliver a higher level of efficiency and uses advanced engine technologies to achieve fuel economy leadership. Built using the most advanced design, the i20 engines all offer robust performance and excellent fuel efficiency.


Ford Fiesta


If driving pleasure is one of the top priorities on your list, you have to test drive the Ford Fiesta before anything else. The Fiesta is good to drive, well built and has a quality interior. It is also the go-to car for any first time driver looking for something economical, fun and sporty at the same time. Plus, it has low running costs.


Mazda 2


The Mazda 2 is one of the last remaining Mazdas designed under Ford management. This car is for that person who needs a car that will handle the urban lifestyle and one that can be enjoyed, even though it’s very simple and basic.


Kia Picanto


The Picanto has been Kia’s best selling car for the last few years and is one of the best small cars around, offering great value for money. It is fun to drive with good handling in corners and responsive steering. There are just two petrol engines in the line-up and both are very economical, yet still deliver decent performance.


Honda Jazz


The Jazz successfully mixes economy, value and versatility. Honda changed the Jazz to sharpen the styling to appeal more to younger, image-conscious buyers. The cargo capacity is also impressive, thanks to rear seats that fold flat. Your passengers will find it spacious and comfortable.


Toyota Yaris


If you want something reliable and hassle-free, this is your car. The Yaris is well known for being super dependable as well as fun to drive. It will give you the value for your money, spaciousness and excellent build quality.



Remember, buying something you love and can easily afford will definitely make you enjoy your first car.