How to spot a fake GUESS bag


Follow these simple guidelines to verify the authenticity of your purchase online.



1. A new Guess handbag will have a manufacturer’s sticker on the packaging or swing tags. To confirm the style number, enter it into Google’s search engine and see if the handbag shown matches the one you want to purchase.

2. A Guess handbag will always come with a dust bag. This can be in a variety of styles and colours. The Logo is clearly displayed across the front. Look out for the logo ‘Guess’, ‘GC’ or ‘Guess Collection and inspect the lettering, spacing and quality of the material.

3. The Guess handbag has a logo on a piece of metal on the inside of the bag near the inner of the zipper. Inspect the lettering of the logo and ensure that the stitching is even and neat.

4. You will also find a tag on the inside of the bag displaying the style number and manufacturing information.

5. The stitching on the Guess handbag should be evenly spaced and straight with a clean finish.

6. The hardware on the Guess handbag is made of solid metal and should not chip or flake. The Logo may be engraved on the metal. Inspect the logo to ensure that the engraving is neat and the finish is quality.

7. Ensure that the style number matches the number on the packaging sticker and look out for any spelling mistakes. The copy should be neat and evenly spaced.

8. When buying a new Guess handbag, look for one that still has the tags attached.

Happy Shopping.