How to make a wooden storage box


Wooden storage boxes always come in handy when you want to tidy up clutter in your home or just to store stuff that you rarely use. They could be expensive, especially when the box is brand new. However, making your own storage box is not expensive and it’s easy as ABC.


That might be just what you’re looking for because once you make one, you will want to make many more to store all kinds of stuff.


The first part, before you start cutting and nailing, is all about deciding what you want. Decide what type of wood to use. The type of wood depends on the look and feel you want. Then decide how big you want your box to be.


Gather all your material and start making your box:


1. Measure and mark the wood for the sides, top and bottom of your box using a T-square. Use a hand or circular saw to cut the pieces at the marks.


2. Place the front and back wood pieces between the side wood pieces. Mark screw positions one centimetre from the top and one centimetre from the bottom, so that the screw holes will be centred in the 1/2 centimetre thickness of the front and back boards. Make pilot holes using a drill bit and power drill.



3. Screw the sides to the front and back of the storage box. Set the bottom on the resulting wooden box. Drill and countersink pilot holes. Attach the bottom to the box. Turn the box upright so that it is standing on its bottom.


4. To put feet on your box, use sand paper on all the wood pieces until they are smooth. Position one of them in the four corners of the bottom piece. Apply wood glue to each foot and press it into place. Clamp feet until glue dries overnight.


5. For the lid, position the piano hinge flush with the back edge of the top piece for the box, so that there are six centimetres at each end that will not be hinged. Use brass wood screws to secure the hinge to the top of the box. Use brass wood screws to finish securing the top to the rest of the box.


You can then decorate your box as you wish.


P.S. It is advisable to follow the specific room’s theme when decorating your storage box.


You can carve, stain, stencil, decoupage or tile your storage box. Decorate with stencils; border stencils like vines, flowers or ethnic patterns and monograms work well. You can also use acrylic paints.


Enjoy your creation.