How to get re-motivated to run


So you got some new running shoes from Santa… but they haven’t been as inspiring as you had hoped. Don’t worry, you’re definitely not alone.

At first there’s the novelty of putting on your nice new (and clean) running shoes, but after a couple of runs the snooze button seems to get more appealing and you couldn’t possibly risk getting rained out by those fluffy white clouds!

I think we lose motivation because we often set goals which are a combination of overly ambitious and way too long-term. Do these statements: “I want to run five times a week” or “I want to lose four kilos by next month” – sound familiar? It’s important to set long term goals, but you also need to have goals for the days, weeks and months from now. How on earth can I stay motivated for so long, you ask? I believe there’s a very simple strategy.

Put on your running shoes
Get your running shoes on

Take your goal, let’s say it’s to run a 21 km race in two months’ time, and break it down into more achievable short term goals. If you say to yourself that you need to run 15 km this week to prepare, that seems like a lot, but how does 5 km a day sound? Now that’s something you can work towards! Yes, initially the last kilometer or two is tough, but in the next run it seems to get easier and in the run after that it gets even easier. In a couple of weeks you’ll up the distance to 40 km a week, because not only does it feel so good to achieve what you set out to do, but it feels good to achieve targets that don’t come easily!

Challenge yourself constantly
Challenge yourself everyday

Let this motivation guide your way of thinking, because you can achieve far more than you first thought when you set achievable objectives. After all – Rome wasn’t built in a day!

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