How to get fit before baring it all on the beach


Pretty girl at beachWith temperatures warming up, it’s soon going to be time to hit the beach and spend the day swimming, surfing and having a whole lot of fun. But wait! Is your body ready for swimwear? Here are some fitness tips for you that will get you in shape and ready to take on those waves as well as that killer bikini you’ve been waiting to wear…


1. Take time out for exercise: Set a specific time every day for your workouts. Early morning workouts are the best but any 30-45 minute slot is okay. Put your exercise time on your daily schedule and stick to it no matter how busy you are.



2. Put your body to work: Use an elliptical trainer at home or the gym to condition and tone your entire body without much impact on your knees. An ideal elliptical workout includes ten minutes of warm up (increase intensity every three minutes), then five minutes each of backward pedalling, forward pedalling, pushing on the handles, pulling on the handles, letting go of the handles, and finally cooling down. You can also go running or jogging if indoor exercise is not your thing. The fresh air will invigorate your senses and fill you with energy.


3. Burn calories in bed: That’s right! Place a pillow under your lower back and with your hands by your side, raise your legs to a 30 degree angle while keeping your ankles together. Breathe in, hold position for five seconds, feel the burn, and then lower your legs as you exhale.


4. Get active: Take the stairs whenever possible, cycle or walk to the grocery store if possible, do quick squats or lunges while brushing your teeth or talking on the phone, jump rope or play games (we love hula hoops) with your kids, or go skating.


5. Eat well: Eat a well-balanced meal with lots of proteins (eggs, chicken, cheese, soy milk, and beans), healthy carbs (quinoa, brown rice, whole wheat bread and pasta) and as much leafy greens and fruits as you can. If you eat well and exercise regularly, you can even indulge in that occasional slice of chocolate cake or a scoop of decadent ice cream.


6. Drink lots of water: Iced water is even better as studies have shown that your body burns more calories when you consume ice-cold water. Drinking about two litres of water a day keeps you well hydrated, makes your skin glow and helps you feel more energetic.


And there you have it! Combining effective exercise, good diet and everyday lifestyle changes will help you flaunt those killer curves on the beach with confidence and panache this summer!