How to DJ like a pro
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Do you have time over the weekends? Have you been thinking about how to make extra cash with the one thing you love the most – music?

How to DJ like a pro

Ever thought you will stand on the stage and control a crowd with your own music? Something you created? Have you been making your own mix-tape of all the songs that have been playing on the radio since you can recall?

All this can become a reality! Today you can use software like Virtual DJ or Ableton on your computer to integrate backtracks and make your playlist for a party with your old school pals.


You can use the same software to integrate backtracks that you can work from in front of a live crowd. You can be in control of thousands of people jumping up and down and acting hysterical to all the new beats your own great mind invented. Recording sounds and editing them onto techno beats like Cole Carter did in the movie We Are Your Friends is now a possibility for the guy next door.




Dreams can come true! All you need is a lot of dedication and some shopping on bidorbuy, where you will find  a wide range of DJ equipment to blow the crowd’s minds away, from mixers and microphones to the massive outdoor speakers.

It might be difficult to stand out and to be exceptional, but it is not difficult to get started. You definitely need start-up gear like a mixer (this piece of equipment takes the feeds from the laptop and from the mix table and puts them into channels that you control),  your own speakers and a powerful amplifier to drive the sound (the more power your amplifier has, the more speakers you can add), plus a few  additional necessities.



 The 6 start-up kit you need includes:












If you want to be a successful DJ, you need to be prepared to entertain people, whenever and wherever, with your amazing skills that you built on the basis of the great equipment that you got from bidorbuy.

Let music be your channel of expressing what the world doesn’t know about you (yet)!