How to be cutting edge


… and feed two birds with one seed

It is a proven fact that most people are unable to cut in a straight line with scissors. It therefore follows that we need guidance – and here it is, spotted on bidorbuy, in the form of laser scissors. And no, the laser scissors do not shoots out beams of concentrated killing power designed to slice through all materials. This gadget uses a laser to project a straight line onto the paper or fabric, making our natural linear wavering easier to control. The result being – no more embarrassing jagged lines!

You want the scissors, but have nothing to cut?!

Here is an idea on how to put your new gadget to good use: start a sewing business. Simply buy this sewing lot at bidorbuy. The lot contains about twenty meters of different kinds of fabric, with prints and plain. Use the fabric for making clothes and other articles.

You are sold on the idea, but lack the skills of a seamstress?!

Not to worry. Take a walk to another aisle on bidorbuy and acquire a sewing pattern or two.

By accomplishing the steps proposed above, you will feed two birds with one seed: first, you will put your new scissors to use and, second, you will find some employment for yourself during these Christmas holidays, since most of us seem to be set on spending it at home.

In case you were wondering where the expression “to feed two birds with one seed” came from, it is an idiom in the making, one of the many proposed as a substitute for “to kill two birds with one stone”. If you have a catchier replacement for that relict from our barbarian and politically incorrect past, when our ancestors used to hunt small birds with a slingshot, post it at Tickle Bugs.

The idea is to come up with an animal-friendly version that conveys the same idea: “to accomplish two goals at once”.

And remember – if any of the items mentioned here happens to be sold out by the time you navigate to the designated bidorbuy page, you may ask the sellers for more on the forum, in the  Wanted items section.