Hairstyle trends for women 2018


If there ever was a time for funky colours and adventurous styles, it’s 2018. This is the year for interesting hairstyles! This blog post will explore a few of the new and exciting hairstyles making waves in the beauty industry.

Be bold bob!

A huge trend this year is bob, especially sleek, dead straight one. This is a trend you will surely see more and more this year. The great thing about this haircut is that it suits everyone! If you have a round face and are concerned it might not suit you, consider cutting a messy fringe along with your bob, rather than a blunt cut fringe or no fringe at all. This will soften your face and make it appear less round. If you have never cut your long locks beyond your shoulders, 2018 is your year to be bold and go for it!

Smooth and sleek

Whether you have a blunt cut bob or a pixie cut, smooth and sleek is the way to go. This wet look can make any outfit look fabulous! Jennifer Lopez recently owned the sleek look at the 2018 Met Gala. If you are considering more of a pixie cut, it’s a fabulous idea too! This is a huge trend at the moment… and the best thing about it? Pixie haircuts look great when they are sleek and smooth, but also when they are spiky, giving you a funky, versatile cut!


It’s all in the colour

Trending hair colours this year consist of your old faithfuls and some new “out the box” colour creations. Let’s start with what we know. The dirty blonde, or two-toned blonde as some may call it, is hot and happening this year. Keep your roots dark and blend them with golden blonde or grey locks to perfect this trend. A-list celebrities such as Selena Gomez and Lily Collins know how to do it. Another trendy colour is without a doubt silver hair. Last year it was all about grey hair, this year – it’s all about the silver! A shiny, metallic finish creates something more magical…which makes sense since metallics are the in-thing this season. You might be surprised by the next one, but it’s quite a talked about trend at the moment: rose gold hair. You probably thought rose gold was only a trend in jewellery and phones, well now it’s a hairstyle trend too. The beautiful, sun-kisses pink and golden colours are bang on trend this season!



Bouncy and long

The classic long, bouncy, big curls look will never get old, but is especially trendy this year. We are not talking about tight 80s curls, but more about those textured curls filled with volume as they bounce about.



Curls and more curls

Forget about your relaxer, curls are the way to go! When it comes to curls in 2018, the bigger the better – go natural. Try not to brush textured hair when you are trying to style it; rather use your fingers if you wish to get any knots out.

Hair accessories

Head scarves are back from the 1920s, and were featured on the runway this year. Consider using flowy materials that ooze vintage cool. Not sure how to wear it? Tie it so that it is flat around the head and tied with a small knot beneath your chin. Hairbands have also made their way back…no longer a school accessory, but rather a trendy fashion statement. Hairbands can be plain, bold with bows and other embellishments or thin, depending on your outfit and the look you want to carry. If you want to be daring and bold, go for it! 2018 is your year!