Guarding the vintage


GuardtheVintage is one of our vintage clothing sellers on bidorbuy. And she sells the most beautiful things, from classic jackets to high-waisted pants to cool, loose tunics.

If you love vintage and vintage inspired clothing, check out her online bidorbuy store.

We interviewed Yusrah Sulaiman from GuardtheVintage to get her opinion on the state of vintage fashion.


Selling online versus selling at a store; what’s the deal?
Selling online is definitely the way to go. Although, there definitely are pros and cons with both, but selling online is easy, has little risk involved and what’s great about is that you can do it while still maintaining your day job.


Are South Africans that in to vintage clothing, or is it just a few of us that are so obsessed?
Like any kinds of clothing, be it brand name, be it high street affordable or designer ready-to-wear clothing, there is a market for vintage clothing. It may not be a huge chunk, but the market for vintage clothing definitely exists, and is definitely a fast growing one here in South Africa.


Which kinds of vintage pieces does everyone go crazy for?
I haven’t been selling for too long, but my most popular vintage pieces are skirts. I focus on stocking wearable vintage pieces in my favorite fabrics being leather, silk and wool.


What do you do to make yourself known to the world?
For now, the main way I market my clothing is through my blog and twitter @guardthevintage, and in the very near future I plan on participating in markets and fairs.


What’s selling on bidorbuy like?
Selling on bidorbuy is great because it’s one of the biggest online market places in South Africa, and South Africans tend to trust fellow citizens as sellers than they would any other. The only challenge is that, although not fact, the marketplace is limited to drawing in mainly South African buyers. Especially where there is a slightly greater market for vintage clothing in other parts of the world.


What made you want to start selling vintage? And why online?
I’ve always loved vintage clothing, the fabrics, the attention to detail, its rarity, the stories it could tell. I noticed that there wasn’t too many people selling vintage clothing in South Africa, and seeing that I had access to some good vintage pieces, I jumped at the chance to do it.


So, is all just a trend or is it here to stay?
People are becoming more aware that vintage clothing has a spectacular kind of quality that literally lasts forever and encapsulates styles that many modern-day retailers attempt to imitate. People are also becoming aware that purchasing vintage clothing supports and encourages environmental sustainability and many like to be apart of that. Vintage clothing isn’t just a fad, it’s already in the hearts of many, and will slowly begin to work it’s way into every wardrobe – it’s here to stay.