Google I/O 2016


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Google I/O 2016 conference
Google I/O 2016


With that being said, it’s that time of the year again, the Google I/O!

For anyone who isn’t all that clued up on what the Google I/O is, it is a big event where Google announces new tech developments, innovations and future products to be released to the public. Google is one of the biggest search engines in the world and they have branched out into several exciting products. Like the Google Nexus and Chromecast these products are top quality and an everyday need for most.


Google Allo & Duo
Google Allo


Social Networking: Allo & Duo


This year Google Plans to release two Social Networking Apps. The first is Allo, which will be competing against the likes of Whatsapp and Facebook Messenger. The feature that will differentiate this app from its competitors is the incorporation of Google Assist in the app itself. This will allow you to get searches, play games and even receive suggested replies which Google have recently released on Inbox by Google.


The other App is called Duo which is a Video Calling app designed for one-on-one video chats. The one unique feature that Google has mentioned is the Knock Knock feature. The Knock Knock feature allows you to see the video of the person calling before you answer. This will allow you to decide whether to pick up or not depending on what you see.


Android N & Samsung Gear VR


The focus on mobile devices continues, with the Android N operating system. Google has opened up a competition for the public to make suggestions of what to call Android N. You can give several suggestions as long as the name starts with an N and it is a desert (My personal favourite is Nutella). Android N second developer preview has recently been released for developers to test. Android N’s main focus will be  Virtual Reality. It has made several changes to allow the buffer time to be reduced. This reduction will allow the VR technology to compete with the Samsung Gear VR.


Google Home Smart Speaker
Home Smart Speaker


Home Smart Speaker


Last but not least Google will also be releasing a Home Smart Speaker to compete with Amazon’s Echo Smart Speaker. The speaker will be able to control via voice commands allowing you to play music without finding a remote or pressing a button. The Home Smart Speaker will also have a built in cast so that it will be compatible with the Chromecast.


These are the highlights of what’s to come from Google. These aren’t ground breaking innovations however google is trying to enter different market places. If the past is any indication, Google will improve and enrich these areas immensely. Come to bidorbuy to get the latest technology innovations.