Makeup mogul in the making


“Always have a backup plan and, no matter what and more importantly, never give up!”

Glamore Cosmetics

Glamore Cosmetics was created out of frustration with the lack of locally available products to cater for different skin types, especially sensitive skin.

Once Gael Baines had decided to embark on this journey, the opportunity to sell online became her main objective and she hasn’t looked back.

Their presence on Shopify and bidorbuy has given Glamore Cosmetics the opportunity to increase their exposure and sales.

Gael’s daughter Emma needs products that contain only natural ingredients because she has very sensitive skin. Before Glamore Cosmetics existed, Emma struggled to find skin care products or even makeup that wouldn’t make her skin burn. After a lot of searching and research, Gael found Hean Cosmetics and Oceanic Skincare, both from Poland. These skincare lines work really well on hypoallergenic and sensitive skin. After importing the first lot, Gael decided to open up the availability of these amazing products to the people of South Africa and started selling the ranges online. In 2015 Glamore Cosmetics launched their Shopify store.

Gael says, “Honestly, Shopify has been a breeze from the set-up to the execution of having an online store. I did some in-depth research before launching my online store and Shopify has been recognised as the leading online platform to use”.

Like most online merchants, Glamore Cosmetics struggled to gain exposure and increase traffic. To get additional exposure, Glamore Cosmetics decided to subscribe to uAfrica’s Multichannel service and sign up with bidorbuy.

Gael explains, “I have been with Shopify now for 18 months and with bidorbuy for 3 months. My website is getting some traction now and conversions as well, which is a positive sign”.

Gael knows that in order to make a success of selling online, a lot of hard work and effort needs to be put in, but she’s happy to do it. Gael adopts a really positive way of looking at things, especially business, and lives by one of her favourite mottos: “Never give up!”.

Gael says, “A Multichannel needs constant work and once I get a better understanding of how I can promote my business better [on bidorbuy] then I will get more exposure and sales”.

The biggest reason Gael and her team are happy to be using uAfrica, bidorbuy and Shopify is purely down to the ease in which the platforms all link together. Gael says, “ It makes running a website easier and helps one keep a good handle on the stock situation and never disappoint customers. Happy customers mean they will come back, which is what we all want in the long run.”

Our friends at uAfrica say they are really happy to have been able to help the Glamore Cosmetics team improve their online offering. We at bidorbuy join them in wishing Glamore Cosmetics all the best!

See how you too can take advantage of the uAfrica Multichannel solution.

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