Give the gift of an experience this Valentine’s Day


Experience true love this February 14th 

We all love Valentine’s Day, but if we’re honest – in a heart-to-heart kind of way – some of us can be guilty of lacking imagination when it comes to gifts. Roses, chocolates and teddy bears are all great ways to tell your SO that you love them, but for a truly memorable Valentine’s Day, why not give the one you love an experience instead? 

Roses fade, chocolates mysteriously disappear (apart from the coffee cremes) and soft toys get lost under the bed. What you need is a Valentine’s Day gift that you can both enjoy as you make memories together and reinforce the special bond between you. 

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Experience more of life 

That’s where our bidorbuy Experiences category comes in. You already know that we sell over 3 million items, but you may not have known that we also have adventures and adrenaline in stock. Choose from a range of experiences that tick every possible box: something the two of you may not have done before, that’s photogenic (hello, Instagram!) and that’s a moment that you’ll always have to look back on and reminisce over. 

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Whatever your heart desires 

Our range of experiences includes activities focused on wellbeing (so that you can enjoy a stress-free Valentine’s Day, and be truly relaxed as well as romantic) to indulgent opportunities to enjoy great food and wine. 2022 looks like being the year that we can all finally start living something like a normal life again, so be sure to give a Valentine’s gift that’s extraordinary. 

We’re talking wine tastings and sunset cruises, motorbike pillion rides and gourmet riverside picnics. If your partner loves speed, buy them a racetrack driving experience, or give your relationship a real lift by gifting them a flying lesson

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Play it safe 

Part of being in love with someone is worrying about them – it shows you care. All of which makes an advanced driving safety course the perfect Valentine’s gift – it’s a lot of fun, but with a serious purpose. Just like a relationship, in fact! 

Adventure gear 

If you’re the adventurous type, you may want to plan your own unique Valentine’s Day experience to share with your partner. There are only two rules you should follow: keep it a secret until February 14th (because who doesn’t love a surprise?); and make sure it’s something that your other half will truly enjoy (a helicopter flight for someone who’s scared of heights might not be the best idea, for example). 

With a complete picnic set, you’ll have everything you require for a romantic al fresco lunch – simply  buy some luxury snacks and a bottle of something to share. If the love of your life is someone who’s even more lovable after some caffeine, a thermos flask and mugs could just save Valentine’s Day for both of you. 

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My love for you is as big as… 

An elephant! For a Valentine’s Day experience that neither of you will ever forget, how about an elephant encounter? After all, if the smallest gestures count, then enormous gestures must count even more. 

Whatever you do this Valentine’s Day, make it a truly special experience for you and your bae with bidorbuy.