Getting fit: Rope skipping


This series is dedicated to an overview of the equipment you can use in the comfort of your home to shape the body of your dreams.

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Jump ropes

Also known as skipping ropes, these are much more than a toy found on a playground. You may be surprised to find out they are an extremely fun and effective fat shredding tool to add to your fitness arsenal. They go hand in hand with boxing, where they are commonly used for warming up before getting in the ring. It’s completely possible to do one without the other though.

Jump ropes can come in rope or plastic cord form. There are also more expensive digital versions that count your jumps, but only look into it if you are more advanced and already enjoy skipping rope.

Advantages of jump rope training

A workout out with a jump rope increases you hand-eye coordination, balance and the overall control you have over your body.

They are inexpensive for such an effective full body workout and fat burning tool. The workouts are also incredibly fun and fast paced once you get the hang of it.

They are small and portable, making it easy to use anywhere you go (provided there is enough jumping space).

Disadvantages of jump rope training

This training requires a lot of space so the rope does not crash into things in a room. It may be easier to perform outside if you have that option.

Jump rope training is high intensity from the get go, which makes it tough on people who are out of shape or still beginners. Do not get discouraged if the first few jumping sessions go awkwardly, you will get better eventually.

There is a high risk of injury. You can’t slow down even  for a second, because you will most likely trip and fall. Luckily, there are cordless digital jump ropes available now if tripping is a concern, but they come at a higher cost.

Jump rope Workouts are definitely not for everyone; there are many health conditions that may make them dangerous to perform. Do some reading up if you are interested and consult your doctor before attempting it.

Final Thoughts

The jump rope is a great tool for those on a tight budget and looking for a fast paced energetic workout, in a short amount of time. Once you master the basic movement it opens up to a whole world of jumping variations. This type of workout also enhances the control you have over your entire body, which leads to improvements in all other areas of fitness and health.

Next week we wrap up this series with some fitness tips