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This series is dedicated to an overview of the equipment you can use in the comfort of your home to shape the body of your dreams.

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This time around we take a look at one of the most fun and exciting methods of getting in shape.

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The extreme hype surrounding the recent McGregor v.s. Mayweather boxing match may have awoken a desire to release your inner pugilist. In the spirit of that, we take a look at boxing equipment you can use at home to emulate the lifestyle of a ringster, without the risk of actually competing.

Boxing equipment

Tools for solo training

Punching  bag

The most common type of punching bag is referred to as a heavy bag. This stuffed bag is specifically designed to be punched and kicked repeatedly. It is  cylindrical and has attachments by which it can be hung from the ceiling or a stand; some may come with a floor stand. The variations such as narrow bags, small bags used to improve speed or even human shaped dummies are typically used by more serious boxers.


Worn under your gloves, the wraps are the first line of defense for your hands. The ritual of wrapping your hands before you box feels incredibly empowering and gets you pumped up for your workout. It my take you a few tries before you master this process. Do not attempt to box a punching bag without wraps,or you may rip the skin around your knuckles.

Boxing gloves

This iconic symbol of the boxer protects your hands and ensures that your opponent does not get too roughed up from your furious blows. There are variations available depending on the type of boxing or your personal needs, from gloves that fully cover your hands and wrists, to gloves that only cover your knuckles.


Boxing is heavily dependent on time, so you absolutely need a method to accurately keep time during your workouts, which are called rounds in boxing. You could simply get a timer app on your smartphone, but there are dedicated timer devices available if you prefer.

Tools for training with other people


Your training partner wears them in a similar fashion to gloves. The aim is for the boxer to strike the mits to practice punching techniques and get accustomed to facing a human opponent.


These are covers to protect your head from all the punches you take. Do not train against a partner without headgear; it could lead to serious brain damage if something goes wrong.

Tools for competing

Boxing boots

The official footwear for competing boxers. You only need these if you actually competing in matches. For home training, your usual exercise shoes will do. Going barefoot is also a great option if you wish to add some kicking.


The official shorts for boxing. Like the boots, it’s only a requirement for competitions.

Obviously there is much more equipment for boxing than we covered here, but these are great tools to get you started.

Advantages of boxing training

Boxing is extremely fun and fast paced. You can get an effective workout within 20 minutes, and the time just flies by as the fat melts away.

Punching a bag repeatedly is a great stress reliever. If you had a bad day, take out that frustration and pent up rage on the boxing bag and feel your tension fade. (Just be careful not to overdo it and hurt yourself.)

A well structured boxing workout will work almost every muscle in your body. It’s not the best for building big bulky muscle, but it is excellent for increasing athleticism and burning fat at an insane rate.

Disadvantages of boxing training

Unfortunately, boxing comes with a high risk of injury, even more so if you compete against others. There is a steep learning curve to master even the basics. Consider getting some books or videos to guide you, or better yet sign for some introductory classes. It would also be a good idea to read some biographies of the most renowned boxers for some inspiration during the tough times.

Boxing has quite a long recovery time. It’s a bad idea to box heavily every single day at a beginner level, you will burn out quickly or even hurt yourself. Limit it to about twice a week.

Getting all the gear can be expensive if you want to acquire everything in one go. Make sure you are actually willing to commit to it before spending money.  

The bag needs a large space to swing around as it takes hits. You also require enough space to circle around the bag to get the full training benefits.

Boxing makes a lot of noise, so take this into account if excessive noise may cause issues in your surrounding.

Final thoughts

Boxing is amazingly fun and effective; however, it’s tough to master. Many people tend to give up before they even reach the fun parts and then regard it as: “not for me” . My advice would be to get some guidance to set you on the right path. Grab a buddy and go for a few sessions at a boxing class together. Even if it does not work out, you will at least have something funny to look back on. However, if it goes well, you may discover a life-changing method of getting in shape. If that’s the case, go get yourself some gear for home use from bidorbuy (at bargain prices of course) and unleash the pugilist within!

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