Gadget of the week – Pebble


A Family of Pebble E-paper Watches

This week’s gadget is relatively new on the market, the Pebble e-paper watch. The Pebble was released on January 23 – 2013,   after having raised in excess of 10 million US dollars through an upcoming start-up method, crowd-funding, with close to 69 000 people ordering a Pebble before a single unit had been produced. What makes the Pebble e-paper watch stand out from typical watches is the fact that it uses low energy Bluetooth technology to be constantly connected to your Android smartphone or iPhone.

Pebble e-paper watch

This allows the Pebble to be an infinitely customizable watch, with thousands of watch-faces downloadable via the Android or iOS app. But it doesn’t stop there – you can also download apps to your Pebble watch, turning it into the ultimate partner to your smartphone. Cyclists & runners can use the GPS on their smartphones to display the distance they have covered, time take & their upcoming route on the Pebble’s outdoor-friendly e-paper display, similar to the one found on the latest Kindle.

The fact that the Pebble is constantly synced to your phone allows it to control your music player, display incoming calls, SMSes, Emails and information from a range of third party apps, many of which have been specifically designed for Pebble users. To top it all off, the Pebble can last about one week on a single charge, an impressive batttery life condisidering the watch’s cababilities.

Pebble represents a fresh take on traditional GPS watches and its improved computing capabilities allow it to perform a great deal more functions. Keep your eyes glued to bidorbuy’s watches category to be the first to get your hands on a Pebble in one of the five available colours when they make their way to South Africa.