Find Bobemon and claim your instant prize


Join the hunt and stand a chance to secure yourself a mystery bobBucks voucher.


The Pokemon franchise was created almost twenty one years ago. This enthralling game involves Pokemon Trainers (humans) who need to catch and then train their fictional creatures (Pokemon) to battle each other. It is no surprise that Pokemon is one of the most successful franchises, spanning from video games, toys, movies, books, card games, TV shows and now the very popular Pokemon Go app.

Pokemon Go has been and continues to be a huge success among people of all ages. Maybe it’s a success because it brings back fond childhood memories or maybe it’s because people get a thrill out of finding more and more mystical creatures.

And now bidorbuy has joined the craze with our very own bidorbuy Pokemon-mascot…

Introducing, Bobemon!

Bobemon is rare and sought after. Join in the search for Bobemon on the bidorbuy website and you will have tons of fun and also stand a chance to win a mystery voucher.

So how does the Bobemon hunt work? The rare Bobemon will be located in different places on the bidorbuy website. The first person to find him will have the opportunity to redeem an instant bobBucks voucher with a value of up to R1000.

There is no catch.


You will win instantly and you are allowed to hunt down as many Bobemon as you want. Just make sure you find him and redeem the voucher code before anyone else.

The fun doesn’t end there. We will be posting various clues on the bidorbuy social media platforms, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Each clue will guide you to the exact location on bidorbuy where Bobemon can be found. To top it all off, we have put together a Pokemon Go Starter Kit which includes ten items you will need to play Pokemon Go like a pro all day every day.

Good luck and let the games begin!

Important stuff:

• From time to time, we will hide one Bobemon on bidorbuy and tell you about it on Facebook, Twitter, and / or Instagram.
• When you find Bobemon, you need to redeem the mystery bobBucks voucher by copying the voucher number and entering it into your bidorbuy account.
• Redeem your voucher immediately. If you don’t, someone else may snatch it from you.
• Learn now how to redeem a bobBucks voucher.
• Sometimes, we may ask you to post a link on a bidorbuy social media channel to the page where Bobemon is hiding. In that case, the voucher will not have a code. Instead, we shall place the voucher into the bidorbuy account of the person who posts the link first.
• bobBuck vouchers can only be spent on and cannot be exchanged for cash.
• The bidorbuy general competition T&Cs apply.