Final Fantasy XIII concludes with Lightning Returns!


This February sees the release of the concluding chapter of the FFXIII trilogy.

In Final Fantasy: Lightning Returns, players take control of the title character Lightning during the final thirteen days of the world’s existence. Chaos itself has been released, and has shattered the world into a few remaining islands, which Lightning may traverse freely. Time itself is of the essence in this game, with each in-game day measured by an hour of real-world play. This itself is a huge development in the Final Fantasy series whose titles traditionally contain over 100 hours of active gameplay.

Other new developments include a revamped battle system and the ability to customise the central characters outfit. It is also the first Final Fantasy game where the player controls a single protagonist rather than a party of characters. While the games reception in the West has been mixed, it has been lauded and praised in Japan where the final chapter of this epic has been eagerly awaited.

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