6 tips to boost sales



An online marketplace such as bidorbuy is a very competitive environment.  That’s why it’s a good idea for sellers to review their business policies from time to time in order to fine-tune them. Here are six tips that might come in handy:

  1. Make a good sales pitch. Your listing – the title, description and image – is your online salesman. Take the trouble to present your product truthfully and in the best possible light.
  2. List for shorter durations and more often. Rather than listing on an auction for a long period, list it for shorter periods and more often. This will give your more exposure through the bidorbuy What’s New and Ending Soon pages. If you are selling five or more identical items, you can use the automatic re-listing functionality in the auction settings.
  3. Blow your own trumpet. If you have the budget for it, make use of the listing enhancement and advertising options on bidorbuy.
  4. Reply to the questions promptly. From a prospective buyer’s point of view, there is nothing better than having your questions answered promptly. You are more likely to get a bid from some one if you answer the questions clearly and quickly. Do remember that people expect instant action on the internet. If you know that you can not access the internet during a certain period, state that in the listing.
  5. Serve your customers with a passion. In other words, strive to treat your customers like gold. Your customer is far more important than any product you sell. Strive to give them quality at every level of the transaction.
  6. When things go wrong (and they will): Don’t try to come up with never-ending excuses and justifications. Own to your error and do your best to correct it.

Remember, basic (non-enhanced) auction and buy-now listings on bidorbuy are free of charge, so you can experiment without breaking the bank. Make the most of the opportunities the bidorbuy online trading platform offers!