Gadgets for Dad: Father’s Day gifts guaranteed to make your Dad smile
Father's Day


Dads are the best! They’re always there to help with DIY, cheer us on, or provide a shoulder to cry on when things get tough. Unfortunately, that doesn’t make finding the perfect Father’s Day gift any easier. That’s where we can help – rather than yet another pair of socks or a tie, we’ll help you surprise your Dad with some tech he’ll really love.

For the tech-savvy Dad:

Smartwatch: Now your Dad can monitor his health, stay connected on the go, and even manage his smart home devices remotely.

Wireless Headphones: No Dad should be a cable guy in 2024. Help him cut the cord with a pair of high-quality wireless headphones so he can enjoy his favourite Dad rock tunes, podcasts and audiobooks as they were meant to be listened to.

Noise-Cancelling Headphones: Even Dads need some time out, and guaranteeing him some precious peace and quiet is bound to make you popular this Father’s Day. If he enjoys immersive audio, he’ll love these!

For active Dads

Portable Charger: You never know when you might need to get hold of your Dad – to borrow a drill, or request a lift home from the airport, for example. Ensure he’s always available by gifting him a portable charger that will prevent his phone dying on him during your next little emergency.

Fitness Tracker: Motivate your Dad to reach his fitness goals with a sleek fitness tracker. He can count his steps, monitor his sleep (a luxury for any Dad), and even compete with his mates in fitness challenges.

Wireless Charging Pad: No more trying to remember where he left his phone charger. Effortlessly powering his phone is a Dad dream come true.

For the gadget guru

Virtual Reality Headset: Just when your Dad thought he had seen it all, immerse him in a whole new world with a virtual reality headset. Now he can explore virtual galaxies – and conquer them!

Smart Speaker: One of the best bits about being a Dad is that people have to listen to you. Give him a smart speaker like Google Home or Amazon Echo, so he can control his smart home devices with voice commands, play music, listen to podcasts, and even get the latest news and weather.

Drone: Let your Dad take to the skies without leaving the ground. The latest drones are intuitively easy to fly, and will give your Dad a bird’s eye view of the world, and the thrill of being a pilot at last.

Beyond the gadget

Once you’ve found the perfect gadget, add a heartfelt message or an engraved inscription to make it a truly special, personalised gift. You could also pair it with a thoughtful experience. Surprise your Dad with tickets to a sporting event, a gift certificate to his favourite restaurant, or a weekend golf or fishing getaway.