“Fall” in love with Autumn accessories


Celebrate the season with the best autumn accessories

Autumn is a wonderful time of year here in South Africa! Our ‘transition seasons’ may be short, and overshadowed by summer and winter, but for many people, June is their favourite month – and with good reason! We love it too – especially because it gives us a chance to wear our favourite autumn accessories!

Wrap up warm

Autumn is a time of shortening days, bracingly fresh early mornings, and clear blue skies during the day. If you’re a fan of the outdoors, June is a time when you might actually have to admit to yourself that it can be a little, well, cold – but that’s no cause for thermal panic if you have the right autumn accessories.

The best style statements let you express who you are, as well as having a certain amount of
practicality – in other words, they have to work for you, as well as working with your outfit for the day.

Scarves have always been a style statement – think long and loose, or short and tucked. Either way, they’ll keep your neck toasty while adding the finishing touch to whatever you’re wearing. You can declare your allegiance to your favourite club with a sports team scarf, or simply declare that you’re a dedicated follower of fashion!

You have to hand it to us

Scarves go with gloves like sliced bread goes with toasters, and here again, you have a world of
choice. From stylish leather gloves to mittens for kittens (okay, kids), there’s a glove to fit every
hand. If you like to walk and talk, look for modern styles with tactile fingertips that let you use your smartphone without getting frostbite.

Sock it to me

Don’t forget your other extremities, too – your toes will feel the autumn chill just as much as your
fingers. Thankfully socks have come a long way in the last few years, and now you can find designs that express your unique style at the same time as keeping those ten little piggies nice and warm.

Colour me beautiful

That’ the practical side of autumn accessories taken care of, so now we can focus on style! Take a
look around you and you’ll be inspired by the colours of autumn leaves: red, gold and orange. That’s your style cue – we’re talking fiery shades of these warm hues, plus pops of colour that will get you noticed (and challenge any pre-winter blues).

From hair accessories to signature pieces of jewellery, autumn is a season when accessories should be big and bold. With so much focus on coziness (hello, hygge, we see you!), you could introduce a bit of contrast with more spiky accessories.

With Bob Shop, you can easily find new and preloved autumn accessories to complement your look, whether you’re going for a retro look (we know what you did last summer) or a more futuristic angle (winter is coming), our sellers have everything you need across every possible category. So wrap up, step out, and be colourful this fall!