The experiences bucket list


So you want to quit smoking, lose some weight, get a promotion at work. Where is the fun in that? It’s time to re-assess your New Year’s resolutions and take time to look at things to do for YOU

After all, at the end of the day you’d rather reminisce about that amazing time you went sky-diving with your closest friend, or sand boarding in Namibia with your significant other, than about losing those 10 kilos, right? So I have compiled a bucket list of all the top 7 things you should at least attempt to experience this year.

#1: Aerobatic flying

Number 1 on my list is trying out the stomach wrenching flipping and twirling in the sky. Get your face out of your bowl of Fruit Loops, and try a few loops of a different nature. This promises to be an exhilarating experience, one that I still would like to participate in. Beware that this is not for the faint of heart, but definitely something to seriously consider.  Just be sure not to eat too many of those Fruit Loops before taking off…

#2: Quad biking

One thing I have done, and continue to do, is quad biking (yes, I even went out and bought my     own). For beginners it may prove to be quite an experience, with the power of the machine at your finger tips. Depending on where the experience is situated, you may find yourself climbing rocks and weaving between trees, or accelerating through open dessert, pulling wheelies and the fashioning the old doughnut in the sand. Either way it is a must that is fun for the whole family.

#3: Sky-diving

Been there, done that, got the video. Yes people, this is definitely one of the more scary things I have experienced. The feeling of jumping out of a plane, miles from the ground, heart in your throat… and then soaring over the earth with a beautiful view of the fields below. This was a once in a life time experience, and something I intend on doing again… and again… and again.

#4: Bungy jumping

This is one thing I still have to do, but am not quite able to pluck up the gut. Bungy jumping must be one of the most exhilarating feelings, jumping from a ledge so close to the earth and springing back before you touch the ground. Now, I have done bridge swinging, which is where you are tied at your waist. With bungy jumping, you are tied at your feet… giving you a good view of the ground rushing toward your face. Go on… I dare you.

#5: Abseiling

One of the less thrilling experiencesNot for those afraid of hightd… that is, if you’re not afraid of heights. Defy gravity by walking down the side of a mountain… or jumping, whichever you prefer. You control your own speed on the way down. Something I have done on a small scale, but would like to try again, at more of a height. Definitely something to add to your bucket list.

#6: River rafting

Man overboard!!! Well we hope not. River rafting is a great team experience, perfect for a spin on the typical office team building events. Brings a perfectly innocent meaning to “wet and wild”. So don your takkies, put on your sun block and get rafting. An alternative to this could be gecko tubing, whereby you sit in individual tubes. Or you could try the all natural way with kloofing, no tubes or rafts, just a life jacket and your legs.

#7: Sand boarding

Last but not least, sand boarding is for us in Africa. Who needs snow with the dunes are right on our shores!
So stop sitting around wandering what to do with your time off. All of these experiences take but a few hours to accomplish, and all are awesome fun to share with family and friends. Visit out travel and experiences section and check out all of the blood-pumping activities on offer. Buy into one, or two, or more – and in no time at all you will be able to say: “Been there, done that!”

Disclaimer: bidorbuy will not be held liable should you suffer any injuries… Just kidding!