Exercise your right


The right to acquire sportswear and equipment at discounted prices, that is.

An experienced bidorbuyer once said that standard items, the kind that are available in most shops, need to be about 25 percents cheaper to sell successfully on bidorbuy. Testing this premise against each and every mass-produced article sold on bidorbuy would be a gargantuan, perhaps even an impossible task. Still, the logic behind the “25 percent” seems reasonable. Selling on bidorbuy means doing away with a heap of expenses associated with retail trade (the rent, the distribution, the advertising). That allows bidorbuy sellers to sell for less and still make a profit.

The “25 percent” rule, of course, applies to all standard items. Why single out sports-related ones? Well, switch on your TV today after lunch and the answer will present itself.

Yes, the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games Opening Ceremony is on today at exactly 2PM South African time. Everybody will be watching. We have it from reliable sources that some schools will even close early so that children can witness this event, occurring every four years.

Since one thing usually leads to another, it is reasonable to expect that the presence of all those exceptional sportswomen and sportsmen on the small screen in our living rooms will motivate us to… well, if not to take up a sport, then at least to dress like a sportsperson. Consequently, without even looking into a crystal ball, bidorbuy anticipates a sharp rise in demand for all the sportswear and sports gear.

The demand for the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games collectibles will likely follow suit. In the meantime, get this cute and inexpensive “VW sponsor of SA Olympic Team” lapel pin badge to whet your appetite.

And in case that you as a bidorbuy seller would prefer to consult a real crystal ball regarding what kind of sports clothing and sports equipment to list on bidorbuy, this is for you: a crystal ball stand which can accommodate both the spherical and the egg-shaped crystal balls.