Epic gadgets of 2017


As technology improves and enhances our quality of life, it can feel like the pace of these inventions are too fast for humankind to adapt to. However, due to the human need to evolve, we easily adapt to the changes around us and often crave invention and creativity. With this in mind, we explore devices and gadgets that have been newly introduced or have already become a prominent trend this year.

We will start off with computers. The newest laptops introduced this year are manufactured by two of the most powerful brands in technology and computer electronics. They are: the Microsoft Surface Laptop and the MacBook Pro with Touch Bar and Touch ID.

1. Microsoft Surface Laptop

Microsoft’s first conventional laptop ever is a non-detachable version of the Surface Book.  The device comes with the new Windows 10 S operating system. The OS can be upgraded to Windows 10 Pro, and the upgrade will be free of charge until the end of 2017. The Surface laptop is powerful but pricey. If it is a success, it can surely give Apple a run for their money.

2. MacBook Pro (2017)

There are two notable differences in the 2017 edition of Apple’s MacBook Pro (besides the obvious touch bar addition). First, Kaby Lake processors have been used. Very simply put, Kaby Lake processors are the latest generation of CPUs (the brains of the computer) and so far seem to be a huge success. Second, graphics have been improved. The touch bar is basically an alternative to a touch screen. The touch bar  and the touch ID allow integration with a number of Apple apps. Although the touch bar takes some time to get used to, it is a great addition.

3. Nintendo Switch

The release of the Nintendo Switch has been more successful than imagined. The company’s annual earnings are up and some of the best since 2011 thanks to the launch of the Switch together with the Switch version of The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. One of the great features: there are three different ways to play. You can use it in TV mode, tabletop mode and handheld mode. The Joy-Con controllers can be removed from the sides of the console allowing the Nintendo to adopt different forms. When detaching the Joy-Cons you can play using one in each hand or alternatively you can attach the two to create a single Joy-Con. You can adapt it in a number of forms for both single and multi-player games.

4. Google Home

So what is it? It’s a voice-activated speaker that enables users to get hands free help from the Google assistant. You can ask it questions or tell it to do things for you; it can even help you manage your daily tasks. Using Google Cast, you will be able to access songs, playlists, and podcasts; you can control your video content and connect speakers throughout your house. If you feel like watching the latest episode of Masterchef you can ask Google Home to do that for you and it will appear on your television. Through Google assistant, you can control everything in your home like managing your schedule, shopping lists or even setting an alarm. It seems there is still more to come, so look out for new adaptations to Google Home.

5. Here One earbuds

Here One earbuds are the first pair of wireless earbuds that allow you to augment any audio surrounding you. The sound quality is truly impeccable while hardware design is just as impressive. The only downside is poor battery life. The placement of the earbuds seal the external auditory meatus of your ear, allowing you to experience an extremely clear and truly dynamic sound when listening to music. A useful feature is called the bypass mode, which allows you to pause your music by simply tapping either earbud. This is a user-friendly addition that allows you to keep your earbuds in so you don’t have to pull them out each time someone talks to you. There are eight audio filters: office, city, airplane, noise mask, restaurant. The other two audio filters are for isolating or enhancing speech behind you or directly in front of you. Each filter aims to improve your listening abilities in relatively loud situations.

So there you have it, some of the best electronic gadgets for this year. Some may be in line with your interests or items you may deem necessary in your life. Go forth and get yourself some epic gadgets!