Make money selling clothing online


You don’t need to know too much about fashion, as long as you have a bit of business savvy and you know how to use a computer.

Many stay-at-home moms, or people looking to earn a bit of extra cash on the side, have cottoned on to a new way to make money in online fashion. The idea is this:

  • Raid factory shops of well-known brands for good deals
  • Negotiate prices with these factory shops for buying in bulk for even better deals
  • Then put these branded pieces onto bidorbuy for sale at excellent prices and still make a profit.

Why does it work?

People love buying brands when they are buying clothing online because they have a good idea of what to expect. They know how well Levis jeans fit them. They know the quality of the leather used for Nine West handbags. They know what size Nikes to buy, because they owned a few pairs before.

A common thread in strategies like this is to source items in factory shops. They are the best places to find good prices. Plus, if you can develop a relationship with the store as a loyal customer buying in bulk (which you will be able to do as your business grows) you’ll get even better deals.

Online buyers love a good deal, and that’s a material fact. They would much rather pay R500 online for a pair of heels worth R1000 than go into the store and pay full price, especially if they know and trust the brand.

Granted, the items you will find in factory stores are usually a season or so old, but most people don’t really care. What’s the difference between a Polo Golfer from last year and one from this year really? Unless you are super fashion conscious, which most South Africans are not.

Want more information? Email natalie@bidorbuy or me, at alison@bidorbuy

Remember your moral fabric: don’t sell fakes! 

Has any one tried this? What are your experiences?

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