Enhancing the trade feeds


If you already have an e-commerce web site and want to bring your merchandise to a bigger internet audience, you know what to do. You will integrate your shopping cart with bidorbuy. This involves a little work on your side, but once the trade feed is set up the products will start flowing automatically from your online cart onto bidorbuy, to be seen by more than a million unique visitors who browse the site each month.

And then you can let the magic of technology handle your bidorbuy listings policy while you chill out?

Well, yes and no.

Yes, if you are happy with regular listings.

No, if you want more for your flagship products.

At any given moment, there are over 400,000 items listed for sale on bidorbuy, each and every one of them vying for attention of the visitors. The bidorbuy sellers know that the best way to entice those visitors is – promotion. The sellers pay to have their most attractive wares displayed in prominent locations on the site. This can cost them between R5 and R100, depending on the location. If a seller were to select all available enhancements, the total cost per listing, for its entire duration, would come to about R180. When you have in mind the correlation between conversion rates and the enhancements – the outlay is more than justified. To put it simply, enhanced items sell better.

Now that you as a bidorbuy trade feed partner have been convinced that it makes sense to enhance some of the items that you offer on bidorbuy, how do you go about doing it?

Alas, the operation calls for some manual intervention.

Once you have chosen the item you want to promote, you need to copy it as a new listing and set the opening and the closing time for it. This new, enhanced listing will run alongside the original non-enhanced trade feed (therefore, do make sure that you have enough of the product in stock).

Try the bidorbuy enhanced listings and let us know what difference they made to your bottom line!