Easy ways to spruce up your bedroom


So you’re planning on sprucing up your room, along with your love life. It’s the start of a new year and we could all use a little change. Create a new look for your room and get the mood flowing with these simple and cost effective tips.

#1 Paint an accent wall

An accent wall can bring a whole new feeling to a room, at very little cost. Generally speaking, an accent wall is one wall painted a different colour to the other walls in your room; something brighter or darker that draws the eye to a particular point in the room.

Choosing the right colour for an accent wall


#2 Use accent furniture or fittings

Accents depend on the type of styling your room has, so the trick is to find minimalist accents for minimalist rooms, playful accents for colourful rooms and vintage-looking items for shabby chic style rooms. Keep the style of your room in mind while you read through the following tips.

Using accent furniture or fittings

#3 Rugs

The trick is to get a larger one for larger rooms in order to pull everything together. The rug should go under part of the bed and a little bit underneath all of the items of furniture. For any room, all items of furniture in the room should either be all off of the rug, or all on the rug (even if it just by a corner of the furniture). If the rug goes under the bed only, it should stick out at least 8” to 18” from the sides of the bed. You also have to keep in mind where you walk, as you don’t want to walk half on and half off the rug in high traffic areas.


#4 Invest in some new linen

This can make a huge difference to the look and feel of a room. Also, the knowledge of new soft sheets and fluffy covers can be rather exciting when bed time comes around. If there are children in the house you may consider steering clear of white linens (as this could become a little messy), otherwise there are no limits.

Choosing the right linen


#5 Move your furniture around

For an easy way to change things up, you might consider simply moving your bedroom furniture around. If it is done right it can create space, bring in more light, and it will become a place where you want to spend time. While you are busy, it will also give you a chance to clean out all the old stuff that just causes clutter and chaos in your life. Do a good deed and send your old stuff off to a charity that can use it.

How to easily rearrange your furniture

#6 Flowers and Photo Frames
Keep things you love in your room. Whether it’s pictures of your family, scented candles, a vase of flowers or little trinkets, your room is your sanctuary and it should reflect who you are and remind you of the things you love. You can make use of jugs for vases, use patterned stickers or mirrors on doors, or arrange a wall of photo’s of family and friends

How to arrange a photo wall

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